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David Hemsi is a multidisciplinary visual designer based in Boulder, Colorado focusing on brand identities, built environments, websites, print collateral, packaging and signage.

The Shores Breckenridge

Creating sales materials for both buyers & brokers

Top Note Sparkeling Mixers

Refreshing and evolving a brand & packaging

Frost Creek Mountain Club

Reinventing a vibrant and thriving mountain sanctuary

Elevate Photography

Great photos every time

MD Save

Creating a leading platform for shoppable care

Wanderlight Weddings

Finding your perfect wedding photographer

Decadent Saint Winery

Creating a memorable après ski brand

Transfer Telluride

Luxury living in the historic arts district of Telluride

LuLu's Barbaque

Developing a website to be all thrills and no frills

Meriwether Companies

Modern develpment paired with bold aspirtions

The Bridal Collection

Designing a memorable first impression

As designers we have the ability to imagine and transform the visions that we see into something tangible that others can experience.


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