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Environmental Design & Wayfinding

As an interdisciplinary designer, I work in tandem with architects, interior designers, and fabricators —marrying signage, environmental graphics, and art to create visually distinctive memorable environments. Through the use of thoughtful programming and a client-focused team approach, I deliver integrated solutions that simplify complex environments and change the way people experience the world around them. 

It’s all about delivering clear information at the right time, in the right location, and when executed well it virtually disappears.

Fine Art & Placemaking

There are times when a sign just isn't the right solution. When there needs to be an object that fills and activates a physical space. This can be expressed in every form and medium imaginable, from murals and LED installations to sculpture and gardens connecting place to people. The truly successful works capture your imagination,  and transcend a space to an experience never forgotten. 

"Much of what influences the way an audience experiences art, particularly contemporary art, is the fear of not knowing what “it” is supposed to be. When executed successfully, an artwork work becomes familiar, and hence, not intimidating, allowing the viewer to interact with the work on a multitude of levels never before imagined."

- Lawrence Argent

Lawrence Argent

A Moment In Time

Beginning in 2003 I engaged on a unique and wonderful collaborative journey with the public artist Lawrence Argent. The city of Englewood, Colorado was looking to develop gateway monuments to delineate the boundaries of their city. Englewood was originally looking for a large-scale signage solution and what they received, in the end, was quite different and unexpected. Rising out of the median of a busy six-lane public boulevard are 15 bright green, whimsical blades of grass, 20ft in height. It turned out to be the perfect solution for the city, the site and the start of a long friendship.

Lawrence's massive artworks are largely collaborative, in addition to conceiving the “big idea,” he would become a larger-than-life master of ceremonies, managing budgets, finding resources and prodding vendors in the realization of the idea. I was lucky enough to be invited into this process several times, designing proposals and websites, sharing resources, and ultimately getting the opportunity to sit side by side in his studio and collaborate on designs. 
One of the last projects we worked on together was curating and self-publishing a book describing his process, his philosophies, and documenting all of his public artworks. 

Pieces Together

In 2014 Lawrence asked me to design and develop a website to be a digital extension of this community-inspired public artwork. 

The design of Pieces Together was inspired by the idea that each part of the whole is integral, as in a jigsaw puzzle. Argent saw parallels between puzzle pieces and all the voices of a community. To hear these voices firsthand, he spent a week in Willowbrook, California, where his team interviewed those same local residents. They answered questions like, “What is your hope for your community?” and spoke about their connections to art and creativity. The interviews, which capture moments of personal struggle and triumph, have been compiled and edited for viewing through this companion website.

A Moment In Time

In 2017 I worked closely with Lawrence on a commission for a site in Nanjing, China's equivalent of our own Silicon Valley. He loved to collaborate and evolve concepts in a team environment, and in this case, I worked side-by-side pushing pixels in different directions until the form felt complete. The artwork depicts a pixelized elephant, balancing perfectly on its trunk absorbing information from its environment. The form is incomplete and captures a finite moment in time. If one were to view the work a second earlier or later it would look different. The elephant is comprised of over 15,000 individual stainless steel pixels, painted Rosso Corsa red at its base and transitioning to brushed stainless steel to reflect and blend into the sky and clouds above.

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