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David Hemsi is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who has been a force in the creative world for the past 30 years. His evolution as an artist and designer has led him down many creative paths; he has made his mark in everything from comprehensive marketing campaigns to public art and placemaking to teaching. 


Driven by an insatiable curiosity and passion for crafting compelling narratives, David has moved well beyond simple visual creativity. His ability to step back and see a project from multiple perspectives and consider how it lives within a larger ecosystem is what differentiates him as a designer, strategist, and storyteller.


David Hemsi

Founder : Creative Director

David was born in Denver and graduated from Colorado State University in 1990. He holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design with a minor in marketing and art history.

As a designer, he thrives in an environment exploring the intersection of creativity and business development in order to distill complex thoughts into simple, meaningful, and visually connective brand stories that inspire. He believes that curiosity and empathy paired with a human-centered design are the foundational blocks from which all great brands are built.

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Alan Groarke

Founder : Koality Web Solutions

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Susan Preiss

Principal : Word Strategy

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Strategic Partners

McCory James

Founder, Elevate Photography

McCory James is blessed to get to do what he loves for a living. Since 2003, he has been sharing his passion for photography with the business community. Beyond being an accomplished photographer, McCory also considers himself a mentor and entrepreneur. McCory has photographed for dozens of business clients in Colorado and beyond. His relentless pursuit of perfection guarantee that the images you receive will exceed your expectations.

Conor Dixon

Founder, Relevant Lab

With over 17 years of Marketing, PR and Advertising experience, Conor has amassed a wide-angle perspective to the art and science of communication. He has a unique ability to quickly identify a company’s true identity and positioning opportunity, craft distinctive communication messages, and develop sound strategies to deliver those messages to the public effectively. 

Scott Holdeman

VP of Design & Strategy, Woodridge Software

Scott Holdeman has over 15 years experience in application design for companies including Yahoo! and McKesson/RelayHealth. His skill set encompasses user experience, interaction, and graphic/visual design. He’s experienced in user research, user testing, usability, project taxonomy and information architecture. He is our lead for creating wireframes, storyboards, prototypes and design comps/mock-ups.

Gary Andrew Poole

Story Teller

Gary Poole has contributed to the world’s best journalism outlets, including long form and deadline journalism. He has written for the New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Atlantic, Esquire, and others, and he is the author of two critically acclaimed books. As a storytelling consultant, Poole has represented brands that are purpose-driven to inspire action and garner widespread attention. Along with story consulting work on films, he has helped individuals and companies generate quality editorial coverage, speeches, presentations and (to date) generate more than $50M in investment capital.

Jens Werner

Partner, Werner Communiction

Jens Wener is an experienced communications professional whose accomplishments include success in communication campaigns; local elections and issues campaigns; crisis communications; monitoring and shaping public policy and community relations for developers, metro districts, real estate companies and trade organizations. He designs and implements complex integrated programs to launch and promote destinations and properties across the U.S. and Canada.

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